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Website, Hosting & Email Services are Provided
We supply a professionally-designed website along with email and hosting facilities. The website is specifically designed to include features that are useful to Parish Councils and their communities.

Website Features
You can use your website to publish a variety of Council and Community Information.

NB: All the hosting options include the features listed below:

  • Contact Details for councillors and Others
  • Committee & Full Council Meetings
  • Meeting Agenda & Minutes
  • Committee Details
  • Council Notices & Reports
  • News Articles
  • Local Information
  • Local Events
  • Newsletters that can be downloaded.
  • Local Businesses, Groups and Societies
  • Links to interesting or useful websites
  • Interactive Enquiry Form

You don't need to be a website guru. Non-technical parish staff can update your dynamic Our Parish Council website.  moreclick to load page

Enquiry Form for Your Community
The website also includes a dynamic enquiry form to make it easy for the community to contact you at any time convenient to them.  moreclick to load page

The hosting package includes up to 15 professional email addresses e.g. clerk@yourcouncil.ourparishcouncil.org.

Website Setup
Typically, we discuss your requirements and you select the site layout, colours, fonts etc. We then develop a bespoke home page for you and configure the website. We set up a secure administration section of the site for you. This includes forms to maintain the site.

The site is still a 'shell' at this stage and information such as councillor contact details, committees, meeting information, news and other community information needs to be loaded onto the site.

You can decide whether we load this information onto the site for you or whether you want to do this yourself. We have a range of site setup and hosting services that provide different levels of support. moreclick to load page

Benefits of choosing an
Our Parish Council web site:
  • Provide your community and council with a great resource. moreclick to load page
  • Instantly publish minutes, agendas, notices and other council reports. moreclick to load page
  • Easy to use. No technical skills required. moreclick to load page
  • Update the site on-line as often as you want. moreclick to load page
  • Change the site colour and style when you want. moreclick to load page
  • Accessible to the visually disabled. moreclick to load page
  • Use a well establish IT company that has worked with local parish councils to develop this service. moreclick to load page
  • Simple competitive pricing plan with no hidden extras! moreclick to load page
  • Why not contact us today?
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Example sites: