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Let Us Convert Your Current Website

Move Over to an Our Parish Council Website

Your council may already have a website, but are you happy with it?

  • Do you have to manually edit your site's web pages for each new news item or meeting?
  • Is it expensive to keep up-to-date?
  • Does the person who maintained it in the past have the time to update it anymore?
  • Is your current site flexible enough?
  • Does it help you fulfil Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Accessibility requirements?
  • You like the idea of an Our Parish Council website, but you want to keep your existing domain name e.g.www.caddington.com

Our Parish Council Can Help
We can convert your existing site to give it all the features of an interactive, cost-effective, easy to maintain Our Parish Council website.

We can supply a replacement site and move information across, or we can integrate the Our Parish Council features with your existing site and email.

Example: Caddington didn't want to change their email addresses and wanted to retain their current domain name because some community groups used sections of their old site.
Now their new OPC site can be accessed using the old domain name, emails are the same and community groups still use the site independently of the Our Parish Council site. moreclick to load page

Just call us on 01525 877 911 and we can discuss the options available.

Benefits of choosing an
Our Parish Council web site:
  • Provide your community and council with a great resource. moreclick to load page
  • Instantly publish minutes, agendas, notices and other council reports. moreclick to load page
  • Easy to use. No technical skills required. moreclick to load page
  • Update the site on-line as often as you want. moreclick to load page
  • Change the site colour and style when you want. moreclick to load page
  • Accessible to the visually disabled. moreclick to load page
  • Use a well establish IT company that has worked with local parish councils to develop this service. moreclick to load page
  • Simple competitive pricing plan with no hidden extras! moreclick to load page
  • Why not contact us today?
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Example sites: